Seasons & thoughts on writing

There is something about Fall that means new beginnings in a way that is totally opposite to my feelings of the Spring. It seems that things start over again in the Fall in a “let’s get back to work” kind of way after the vacation of Summer. Now, not everyone enjoys a Summer vacation in the same way and not everyone has the luxury of taking time off, so to speak. It is the relaxed feeling we sling casually over our shoulder that identifies with warm weather and sunshine. This outer warmth perks up one’s inner emotions. Spring, is a rejuvenation after a long and sometimes harsh Winter. Things are born anew. We begin things after having put them aside for the long Winter months or we formulate new plans and initiate new projects. My kinship with Spring is because I am a spring baby – born April 3rd – I have always looked to Spring for encouragement, growth and a way to put things behind me and start over, if necessary.

My love for Fall is different. It manifests itself as a connection with feelings of regrouping, renewal, coming back together and moving forward in a way that gets things done before Winter hits. The biggest evidence of this lies in the school year with registration – initiation of courses, classes and scheduling starts in September, and we all know as soon as you say “September” in Alberta, the wind starts to blow, the temperature tests us with single digits and the leaves begin to turn their vibrant shades of Fall glory…that is Fall, my friends even though the equinox is three weeks in to the month.

Summer is full of fun stories, warm feelings and most often, planned events that are great experiences for our writing. As we slide into Fall, kicking and screaming toward another Winter (well, I do…as I got older, Winter just hurts, Fall doesn’t) we must remember to take our pen and paper with us.

Writing is seasonal – every season! Every day of every season should be filled with the writer’s effort to continue producing work or connecting with one’s own writer’s life in whatever way necessary to be productive and creative. Seeing the world as it is with our own eyes, writing it in our own words, feeling it in our heart…this is daily fodder for fiction, fantasy or fact. Words on a daily basis come in many forms to many writers, but words in any form keep us on track toward our writing goals.

My suggestion: let your words fall upon the page like the leaves of autumn, scattering colorful reminders of life, love and longing for all the world to see, hear and feel. Don’t let your page look like a vast field of winter snow. Some, er rather, most writers keep the spring in their writing by remembering it takes many minutes, every day each month all year long to hone the craft of writing. Just remember, keep on writing 🙂


4 thoughts on “Seasons & thoughts on writing

  1. Twilla Boyce

    Nice job! I got the “some, er” in red – very clever! I have been rather hum-drum the last few days but it is more due to the drop in barometric pressure as it has a direct affect on my energy levels. The overcast skies, wind and cooling temperatures are just adding insult to injury. But I will acclimatize as I have no other choice. Live does go on. I wonder if that new energy light therapy lamp actually works. I should try it. Ps: check out Sharayah’s blog, she put some cool “sneaky” pics of William on there. I think you would appreciate them artistically. See you tomorrow, dear.

    1. wildhorse33

      Thanks again, my friend. I know this weather gets me down too as the temperature dips…I especially hate scraping windows in the morning before I leave for work!! Anyway, see you tomorrow. And, thank you I will check Sharayah’s pics and blog 🙂

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