Along for the ride

It feels like I am just along for the ride…not really in the driver’s seat but not really asleep across the back seat either. I get to watch, see everything that happens but I can’t really make any decisions or big moves on my own. It’s like I’m floating down the middle of a moderately moving river…waving to friends on the shore, hearing their shouts and their encouragement but not really being able to get to where they are; to be close and just as I think perhaps I might, the current catches me and I’m off in another direction although not rushing away…but rather, slow moving, slow motion. It’s like I come to a fork in the trail and have to decide which one to take: the one covered with two feet of snow or the one bogged down in marshy mire. Gotta make a choice. Good luck with that one. It’s like I love the sunshine and summer warmth but find myself in a basement suite with no windows to speak of and a coldness that makes my bones ache and my eyes hurt. Thirty degrees? What thirty degrees? I have wool socks on and most often, a sweater. Just going with the flow not knowing the next day where life’s gonna go. But I am here writing and really, to a writer, isn’t that all that matters?


One thought on “Along for the ride

  1. Twilla Boyce

    The word that comes to mind….disconnected. Sometimes it can be a healthy state, providing a place with minimal distractions to reach us which allows us to heal, get our bearings, etc. Me thinks that you could use a fun coffee date with a friend. Whatcha up to this weekend? txt me and let me know. I’ve been through my share of weird funks and thankfully they have all proven temporary. Just know that no matter how far that river takes you, it is banked on both sides with a steady shoreline where you can stop and rest. Love ya lots, me.

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