A labeled life

Handle with care – our emotions sit so fragile within a thin skin meant to protect them. It takes time and experience to make the “thick skin” and still it is never enough because things we learn hurt us even though we know we’ve earned the badge. Caution – do not enter – there are fragments and rough edges on this heart. Still, we plunge in and onward for it can never feel love without feeling pain. Soft shoulders – easy to cry on. Dangerous curves – hard to rely on. Stop. Do not enter. Enter at your own risk. Proceed with caution. We are inundated with constant reminders of how and what and where and when and why to do something. But we are not forewarned when we might feel something or nothing or everything – whether right or wrong. It just happens and we have to deal with it without the advisory – doing this over time again and again might be hazardous to your health. Some things should just be simply labeled – dead end.


2 thoughts on “A labeled life

  1. Love the ‘dead end’ idea. Perhaps life would be less stressful/hurtful if we could post a ‘dead end’ sign at the very entrance to the path that leads us to events in our lives that are long-gone and past recovery.

    If we see a dead end sign, we typically avoid them, knowing they will certainly lead nowhere. They are a waste of time, energy and prevent us from getting to a more productive destination.

    Personally, I do find a quiet solitude in visiting these ‘dead end’ places that lie in the far recesses of my memory. Sometimes, it can be a cathartic treatment to revisit them…remember what was learned…recall the hurt we promised ourselves we would never subject ourselves to again. Certainly these ‘dead ends’ serve as solemn but poignant guideposts in our daily travels.

    I suppose the ‘hope’ lies in the realization that in our attempts to avoid those ‘dead end’, we can be pointed down sunnier streets. Streets with happy little houses full of all the good that has happened in our lives…all the blessings that we can claim as our own.

    Please know, my dear friend, that I am one of those little houses for you. My shutters are not always open and the paint is chipped around the edges but the welcome mat is always there for you.

    Love you lots!

  2. wildhorse33

    Man, you know when and where to hit my friend. Your words just flow down to my ears and then dive bomb to my heart & soul. Your acceptance, evaluation, comments and how you relate to a situation I describe just amazes me and you have to know, that timing is everything…*tears up.* It’s nice to get these affirmations to the things we know are so right with our life, like our family and friends (our non-negotiables) and know that there is so much more out there to discover and experience. I wouldn’t give it up even though I know some things are going to hurt, someday. That is life. It’s nice to know “muddy” shoes are still welcome on the door mats of a friend’s home. :)always L

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