Hello world

I get here thinking that I’m going to write something so profound that millions of people will read my words and they will go down in history as something that will eventually be repeated, over and over again. Then, I start to type, and retype and think and rethink and geez you’d think I didn’t know how to do either one because all that comes out is some blundering blithering bliss about the day and how good it was or that it’s night time now and dreams come to those who wish real hard…The phone beeps and I answer a text message from a friend; say good night to a Facebook friend; and sign off for another night. It’s time to go to bed now and I’m looking for those dreams. Good night, world!


2 thoughts on “Hello world

  1. Of course, you know I know the feeling. But, I have to say, only a true writer would be able to write prose on how a writer can have difficulty writing. You rock!

    1. wildhorse33

      Seems to happen a lot lately. I have this turmoil of great intentions swirling about in my mind then go to enjoy the time I have to write, thinking ah 🙂 then it’s more like oh 😦 lol

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